Simorgh has the capabilities to inspect, repair & overhaul individual hydraulic components as well as complete hydraulic assemblies. Our in house testing facility allows Simorgh to provide a turnkey repair/overhaul process which reduces turn time and overall cost for our customers. 

Universal Hydraulic Test Bench

Technical Features:

Medium: SKYDROL 500 (BMS-3-11)

1- Max hydraulic dynamic pressure: 5000 PSI

2- Max hydraulic Static pressure: 10000 PSI

3- Mas air Static pressure: 6000 PSI

4- Flow rang: 0-60 US Gallon

5- Max RPM: 6000 RPM

6- Power: 220 HP

It can test:

– All hydraulic components that use skydrol oil as medium including:

– Pumps, Actuators, Reservoirs, Accumulators, All type of valves including selector, relief, Regulator

This device is capable of testing aircraft engines hydraulic driven pumps with self-propelled drives and drive control systems with 200 HP. It is also capable of producing static air pressure of 10000 PSI.

For Actuators and Valves testing has dynamic hydraulic system with 5000 PSI pressure and flow 60 GPM, and for pump’s testing has independent hydraulic system with 100 to 3100 PSI pressure and flow 60 GPM.