Safety Equipment Shop & Oxygen Shop

Our highly trained staff with many years experience, is well prepared to meet the stringent aviation standards with probably the best component turnaround time, we are be able to repair and overhaul of all existing and modern aircraft in our country,

For the above mentioned escape slides/slide rafts we can issue CAO FORM 1.
The emergency staff is trained and certificated and they have experience in the maintenance of the evacuation systems. For the test and the crucial repacking operation, we have wide range of manufacturer designed and made packing fixtures and vacuum bags.
Our emergency equipment workshop, fully modernized and is carpeted and air-conditioned.

As one of the high demand of all airlines and aircraft could be the oxygen bottles with different dimensions for Hydro static test, Repair, corrosion inspection and refilling, the oxygen workshop provides recharging and inspection services for static and portable oxygen cylinders

The recharge shop dispenses oxygen complying with stringent aviation standards quickly and safely

We are also ready to provide a whole component management of your oxygen and emergency equipment.

We can repair and overhaul all of the cylinder and valve assemblies of the slides that are on our capability list.

SAMIR Co management decided to have this capability with the same level of qualities of other shop with assistance of our local certified and well experience engineers in this field, this shop is designed and equipped in a perfect manner to avoid any danger during the operation