Wheels and Brakes Shop

Being the first capability of Samir Co., the wheels and brakes shop could be a very good reason to improve with the past experiences the knowledge of our engineer as well as assistance of our European partners.

Now only after three years, the young Samir Co. is proud to say that its wheels and brakes shop is capable to support the majority types of the aircraft which are operated in our territory. we specialize in repair and overhaul of corporate, commercial and regional aircraft brake and wheel assemblies.

We have full capability and support on all wheels and brakes manufactured by:

  • Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (ABSC & Dunlop)
  • Honeywell
  • Goodrich
  • Messier Bugatti

Our intention is to carry the ready- to- go wheel and brake inventory in the market which enables us to cater for all potential day- to- day requirements as well as AOG situations.

Samir Co. full in- house repair capability allows us to completely oversee and control the entire overhaul process, making sure that our customers receive required to complete wheel and brake overhauls including inspection, non- destructive testing, painting, and final assembly.

SAMIR Co, can provide tailored programs based on our customers’ needs. Commercial offering include cost-per- landing, flat rate, exchanges, or parts and labor services.

Customer Benefits

Tailored programs to meet customers’ requirements                                                                   

Iranian CAO certified

24-hour AOG support

Dedicated and knowledgeable customer service

Complete in-house repair capability

Inventories of assemblies and parts