Landing Gear

Process including:

1-Disassembly/ proper special tools fixtures

2-Cleaning/ dry plastic blast cleaning

3- Inspection:

– Detailed Inspection

– P. R. Inspection

– Non- Destructive Inspection

4- Bush removal


– Hard chrome

-L.H.E. plating

– Chromic acid analyzing and installation

6- Shot Peening

7- Gridining and finishing

8- Painting

9- Assembly and Test

10- Documentation (AD/SB’s, LLP PARTS, FAA or EASA FORM)

Special Hydraulic Test Stand

1- Proof Test

2- Operational Test

3- Cycling Test

It can measure static pressure up to 14500 PSI

It can measure dynamic pressure up to 5800 PSI

It can measure air pressure up to 145 PSI