Pneumatic Shop

Pneumatic system use compressed air as a working fluid and it acts much like the hydraulic  Systems.

Multipurpose and Air Conditioning Test Bench

This device can test all types of Pneumatic aircraft component by applying 1 to 400 PSI and produce flow up to 250 pound per minutes.

Similar foreign models can only support several types of aircraft whereas this model is capable of supporting a variety of aircraft types.

The other features of this device are as follow:

-High flow (250 PPM)

-Particularly for Pneumatic components and air conditioner

-DC power supply (28 Volt)

-High performance AC power sources (400 HZ)

-Capable of testing 80 items of aircraft’s engines and air conditioning and pneumatic systems such as heat exchangers and types of valves

– It can booster inlet air pressure up to 400 PSI

It Can Test:

-Air Cycle Machine, Shut Off Valve Assembly  -Portable On-Aircraft Safety Valve Tester

– Refrigeration Unit, Air Flow Control Valve, Valve Non Return, High Anti Ice Valve, Regulation and safety valve

– Trim Air Pressure Regulating Valve, Heat Exchanger, Cabin Pressure Controller, Ram Turbine Bypass Valve Actuator

-Reheater, Cabin Pressure Safety Valve, Zone Vernier Temperature Control, Catalytic Ozone Converter

– Condenser, Mixed Flow Fan, Cabin Pressure Outflow Valve, Air Inlet Sound Reducer

– Differential Pressure Transmitter, Monomeric Switches, Five Inch Diameter Flow Control Valve

-Recirculation Fan, Plenum, Variable Speed Fan