Battery Shop

The battery shop is one of the most improved one in the area by using the latest equipment and tooling in the hands of the well trained, educated and experienced technicians and engineers,

Testing, repair and Overhaul of aircraft Nickel Cadmium batteries limited to: initial charge/Pro-service, Routine servicing/Refresher charge, capacity check/Quarterly servicing

In this Shop everything is prepared to cover the demand of all type of the batteries with the best possible turnaround time (TAT)

We are doing our best to perform the best services, the highest level of quality, at earliest possible TAT with the best price comparing with the most well-known and reputed MRO in the world, but still the most important issue for SAMIR is Quality,

“We are very pleased to introduce an in-house battery service for our customers, our goal is to provide our clients the best support possible and the Battery Shop is our latest initiative aimed at improving efficiency and reducing aircraft downtime

SAMIR Co battery repair and overhaul shop provides 24/7 coverage over a wide range of aircraft batteries from manufacturers.
Highly competitive price in repair and overhaul services of aircraft batteries is offered, including:

  • Deep Cycle
  • Re-condition
  • Capacity Check
  • Complete Battery Inspection
  • Leak Check
  • Temperature Probe Test
  • Complete Disassembly, Clean & Reassembly
  • Battery Parts