The coronavirus pandemic might have grounded the planes, but the desire to travel and experience the world from the cruising altitude did not go anywhere ‒ neither did the fascination for aviation. Unable to travel as they used to, creative pilots, flight attendants, and passengers turned to Do-It-Yourself methods and brought little pieces of the sky indoors.

Pilots working from home

Practise makes perfect. Having already devoted countless hours mastering their skill of piloting a plane, aviators are not wasting any time at home either. After all, those confident walking skills do not just happen on their own.

Flight attendant working from home

The pitch and salt video reimagines a flight attendant working from home. What makes the sketch particularly likeable, is that it captures not only the glamorous parts of the job, but also its hardships, such as finding a calm corner to eat or dealing with annoying flyers who refuse to stow their laptops.

Passengers on long-haul #stayhome

When you miss something very much, you start to see it everywhere. It appears the phrase held true to some passengers, who began noticing Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s in their bathrooms. Meanwhile, others followed the example by the pilot from the first video and began practising some airport skills.



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