I hope you are healthy during these difficult times for many countries period, today I am gonna simply show you how to startup B737-800 from cold and dark to ready for taxiing.

First of all, exterior visual inspection is a must like checking, the chocks, landing gears, before starting and it usually happens by the first officer/pilot. There is a couple of things we must be familiar with before start, there are two ways to startup the aircraft, by APU or through ground power.

In this, I am gonna start with option number two while the ground power is already connected.

”I’ve simulate the whole startup process in a short video”. Link below.


First, we gonna turn on the battery and guard the button, ground power to on,MLG and NLG lights (green), fire controls test -APU fire ext. (1+2) -position lights to steady, wheel lights to on. Now we’re gonna jump on starting system a and b hydraulics, elect 2, elect 1 switches down (make sure to check the amount of fuel loaded) flaps indicator, fuel levers all the way down, thrust reversers arm test, mach airspeed indicator and stall test preform, irs both to NAV, MCP (mode control panel) autopilot to off. ‘as I am focusing on this on how to startup 737NG from cold and dark I am gonna skip MCP and FMS programming”

Nose steering wheel (locked), fuel pumps (all four switches on the bottom- down) if we have more than 500k onboard then turning all fo them (six switches) is a must. OXY masks ( both sides) -test, flight controls all the way test to all directions, parking brakes- on, seat belts-on, ac switches to APU GEN. Oil temp and qty (on proper range), -brakes pressure (on proper range) -escape ropes -fire ext- -circuit breakers. Now let’s move on APU starting procedure -APU switch to start (hold for 5 seconds) -APU generators to on) -time and date to UTC both sides -FMS is for program the flight, by entering speed, altitude, airport of origin, airport of DEST, fuel. -anti collision lights on. -engine starting procedure, we gonna start by turning engine 2 bottom switch to right and the right one on grd -right for engine two, left for 1 -fuel lever number two all the way up, temp in proper range (around 550) and pressure less than 25. The sames goes to engine number one -parking brakes off, gen one and two comes on APU to off engines switches (both to cont), isolation VLV to auto, APU bleed to off.

That’s it you have successfully started the aircraft!

Source: aerotime.aero

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